Chunky Monkey?!

You might ask "Why the heck is there a term "chunky monkey" in Macross?". Well, it is synonym to the first toy made from the Macross universe. Born in 1982 from the factory of Takatoku Toys which was short-lived, however Bandai got hold of the design in 1984 and various releases and reissues were produced.

Now, back to the term, this toy is a darn chunky piece of memory. It is heavy with lots of die-cast metal, the proportions are off but it can be transformed effortlessly by a monkey between fighter, gerwalk & battroid with hardly any part-changing and it is as sturdy as a hammer. Talk about a 1982 toy design that's able to injure you badly when it falls on you, but it's one bloody fun toy for a Macross-Decultured boy like me.

Throughout Bandai's toy releases following the Macross universe, there are a few other toys that i consider them chunky primates due to their chunkiness, sturdiness & easiness too.
Chunky Primates in Gerwalk-Mode Display
Chunky Primates
"Chunky Monkey"
Bandai 1/55 VF-1S
Chunky Gorilla & Baboon
Bandai 1/65 VF-17S & VF-19S
Chunky Orang Utan
Bandai 1/60 VF-25S (Version 1, yes i consider it a chunky, lol)


  1. The love remains a lot with the 1/55 scale for it's easy transformation and toughness as a toy.

  2. the 1/65s are easy to play with too.